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Despite The Reverence was formed by Johnny Fast (guitarist) and Tom Liska (vocalist) in 2011. After performing in various hard rock and cover bands the two decided to set out on an original project. With the addition of drummer, Brad Zimmer, and bassist, Jordan Poelzer they began writing metal and rock inspired songs which developed into their first self-titled album, “Despite The Reverence” in April 2012. The album consisted of 10 tracks which were very melody based with elements of punk, rock and metal. With the release of this album the band was able to land 5 tracks in the motion picture soundtrack, Ferocious starring Kim Coates from Sons of Anarchy. The band continued writing in 2013 and released their second album, “Alien Intrinsic”, which is heavier and a richly composed science fiction concept album. In March 2017 Despite The Reverence released their third Album on Session 1 Records.

“Becoming The Savage” a concept album which explores the effects of the horrors of war.


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